Highlights of the 70th Cannes Film Festival

The 70th Cannes Film Festival came to an end. The festival attracted not only Celebrities, The Film Industry and Press, but also the world’s most fascinating Luxury Brands and their guests. Chopard has been the official partner and sponsor of the Festival de Cannes and providing the festival’s star trophy, “La Palme d’Or”, which is made from ethical 18 carat fair-mined gold perched atop a crystal rock. It is the festival’s highest prize and a lifetime honor for actors, movie producers and directors. This year’s Palme d’Or went to Read More


Intel is taking Fashion and Technology innovation to another high… is one of the coolest visuals in the new ad campaign, of a model wearing an evening dress with blue butterflies pinned to it!

The trendy tech fashion designers, Ezra and Tuba Cetin, designed this dress that sets flutters to the new gen fashion, creating an awesome futuristic fashion revolution. An amazing fanciful look at how these talented Turkish designer duo, have Read More

For the Love of Manish Malhotra

As I write this article, my excitement levels cannot be measured! The excitement comes from my own enlightened desire, writing this article for my Blogazine, STYLE HEURE, spotlighting and featuring my most favourite designer in India, Manish Malhotra.
They say one has to have a signature in life, a calling card uniquely your own. In the case of one of my favourite designers, Manish Malhotra, that old axiom couldn’t be more true. He is one true fashion force.

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In Conversation with Celebrity Numerologist Niraj Mancchanda


“When an opportunity comes to you, grab it and stop thinking that you are an opportunist. What you asked is what Supreme sends. Be Guilt Free. Accept.” – Niraj Mancchanda

Numerology is one of the most ancient and mystical art forms for understanding our evolution within cycles – personal, planetary & cosmic cycles of creation.

At birth, our Soul Star is imprinted with a numerological blueprint (birthdate, birth time, name etc…..) that creates a resonance, a frequency potential of our Soul. When we understand the meaning and energetic significance of the vibration of numbers, we are empowered to Read More

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