Intel is taking Fashion and Technology innovation to another high… is one of the coolest visuals in the new ad campaign, of a model wearing an evening dress with blue butterflies pinned to it!

The trendy tech fashion designers, Ezra and Tuba Cetin, designed this dress that sets flutters to the new gen fashion, creating an awesome futuristic fashion revolution. An amazing fanciful look at how these talented Turkish designer duo, have drawn on the imagery of  bringing life into fashion. “It is able to detect the presence of an approaching person,” Ezra explained.

At first the butterflies flap slowly, then more fervently whenever a person approaches. Finally, the butterflies can release en masse in a dramatic launch triggered either by the approaching person or via a mobile device communicating with the dress over a wireless network. The butterflies are actually electronic devices that are powered by Intel’s Edison module for the Internet of Things.

As the model walks, the dress responds to touch, body heat, and movement. The butterflies fly off the dress and flutter around the model. The awesome twosome designers say they’re excited to have worked with Intel on the “intelligent butterfly dress,” as the future of fashion is about to change! The dress, made from a luxury jacquard interwoven with metallic lurex fibers, is adorned with about forty butterflies. A proximity sensor which is embedded in the dress allows the butterflies to react to external stimuli. “We love to play with fabrics, designs, colors, movement and aesthetics, but the future of clothing as we know it is about to change,” said Tuba. “To be part of this change we need technology.”
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